I am Simoneta Vargová, founder of Parallel Connections LLC, a boutique coaching firm that helps organizations develop people-centric leadership and deliver impeccable customer service.

Before starting my own business, I led Learning & Development departments in prestigious luxury hospitality companies – Four Seasons Hotels, Address Hotels, Armani, and Jumeirah Group.

My people development career began by coincidence when I worked with a General Manager who offered me a position to train employees. At the time, I did not know how much this would affect my life – I eventually realized it was the best thing I could have done. I learned the value of communication, mentorship, and connection, essential elements for forming dynamic workforce teams. My first encounter with employee training paved the way for me to work with one of Fortune’s best 100 companies and has enabled me to work with leaders in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Gulf Region. Later, I was introduced to coaching and learned about the life-changing effect that a one-to-one conversation can have.

Making a sincere connection with my clients in a way that acknowledges their experiences and perspectives while helping them find their way forward is key for opening numerous doors of opportunity. With my years of leadership development expertise, I understand what skills are necessary for an individual’s or team transformation.

The transformative nature of my work deeply motivates me. With over two decades of expertise in Learning & Development, I have created and delivered numerous development programs for staff  members, devoted over 7000 hours to classroom program facilitation and supported over 600 distinguished business leaders in their development.

Certified by the best in class coaching schools – Marshall Goldsmith, Marcia Reynolds and NeuroLeadership Institute in London, I help all levels of leaders and leadership teams to enhance their SELF-AWARENESS and create SYNERGY leading to SUCCESS – engagement, productivity and profitability.

Throughout my professional career, I have successfully influenced development of leaders and teams in following companies: